Born in 1989 from Douglas Havens Jr. and Brenda Havens in Syracuse, NY, I spent most of my life in growing up in Upstate New York in a small town called Canastota. Tittle Town USA, home of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and a huge agricultural town, with specialties in potatoes and onions. And yes, it sounds just like CAN-OF-SODA. In 2007 I graduated from Canastota High School and became the Towns Park and Recreation Director. I decided to stay in the 315, and attended Onondaga Community College that fall, graduating with my A.A.S degree in Professional Marketing the summer of 2009. From here I attended SUNY Oswego where I received my B.A. in Professional Communication and Public Relations.

My senior year of college, I was 20 when I decided to run for Town Council. I spent my summer working up to gain the nomination and won my primary. It was during the general election I got a hands-on experience of how to do a lot, with just a little. Now the Town that I grew up in was 85% Republic, 9% Democrats, and 6%other, I ran as a democrat, coming in third out of four. I was the youngest on the ticket by two generations and I had no fear, win or lose, I did what I thought I had to do to win.

It was a few years I stayed around trying to think of my next move. I thought, and thought and thought some more. When finally, packing up and leaving and fingering it out as I went was something I needed to try. Worst case, I’m homeless but I knew that I was destined to do something fun and exciting for the rest of my life.

So in September 2013, I quite my jobs, packed my jeep with a duffle bag and $500 and I left. After about two weeks of being gone, I was running out of money and I was in a city I’ve never been before, Wilmington, NC.

It was here my whole life changed.

Now I am a resident of California and am looking forward to what the future has to offer. I spent 5 days driving across the country, chasing the sun! Now I spend every taking taking what life has to offer me.