Throughout my journey, I have been able to work with super talented artists on their development as an entertainer and their performances. Working with these artist, I have been able to book local and national shows, manage contracts and revenue, merchandise and build a brand for the artist as well as direct them to help with their progression.

Patrick Breen








It’s hard to place singer/songwriter & lead guitarist Patrick Breen into one specific category. Raised on classic rock, rhythm & blues and soul music, Patrick’s influences definitely can be heard in his writing. With an affinity for the electric guitar and love of the “big band” sound, Patrick’s compositions are well-rounded and full of energy. A lot of Patrick’s music will definitely make you want to move but he’s certainly no stranger to the ballad. His acoustic-driven compositions like  “Too Late” display a whole other side of Patrick’s writing, both lyrically and musically. Whether you’re in the mood for an up-tempo groove or a laid-back melody, one thing is for certain, Patrick has something for you.

Born in ’88, this Syracuse NY native was quickly introduced to music by his parents, Renée & Steve. Patrick recalls some of his earliest life memories centered around the family stereo, listening to music from The Beatles, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, just to name a few… Family gatherings were often centered around a guitar and sing-alongs. From very early on in his life, music seemed to be sending Patrick an unrelenting calling. After 7 years of piano, Patrick continued to search for something to satisfy his seemingly insatiable desire for musical expression. At age 15, he received his first guitar. From that moment on, everything changed.

After working on several different projects, within a variety of genres, and doing everything from session work to engineering/music production- Patrick finally embarked on a project of his own.

In July of 2012, Patrick began work on his debut album with producer Ron Cohen. In October 2013, Patrick released his debut single, “Lay Me Down” which was accompanied by his debut music video (available on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, etc.) Patrick has since released two more singles “Winds of Change” and “Too Late” (both available on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

On November 13th, 2015 Patrick’s debut EP “More Than Magic” will be released. Patrick posted the following about this new release:

“More Than Magic” is an EP about new beginnings. Living out the stories that are written about in these songs has been such an incredible journey; and a journey that I could only describe with music. Life is ever-changing. People will come and go, situations will play out differently than you expected, but in every change is the start of something new. We live in a world of perceived ‘overnight success’ that has made kids believe reality is as fanciful as their bedtime stories. If I’ve learned one thing so far, it’s that it takes a little more than magic to get you through.”

Saving Fairview











Saving Fairview emerged after the downfall of several local bands and a dying music scene in 2009. Once formed the band began quickly making their name in Central New York area. It was in the basement of a house in Yorkville, NY that the band went to work. After releasing their 2009 Demo, “This Means War” they began playing shows all over the state.

In early 2010, they began writing their debut EP “The Black Tie Affair” which included six high energy, breakdown filled songs which released October 30, 2010.

Upon release of the album, Saving Fairview opened on tours for Mayday Parade, Honor Bright, Cute is What We Aim For and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus throughout their fall 2010 shows.

Upon almost signing with a label, the band ended up breaking up in late 2011.