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Hollywood Havens Jam 3.0
July 30, 2016

Town of Lenox Skatepark * Canastota, NY


Coming to the Lenox Skatepark on July 30th, 2016 will be the Hollywood Havens Jam 3.0. This year it is going to be even wilder and crazy than ever.
This year, there are no divisions, no restrictions, but a every man for himself to be crowned the King of 315 Action Sports. Skate, Scoot and Bike will go head to head vs one another to not only crown what action sport rules Central NY, but who the best Athlete is as well.
Each rider will have Three Primary Runs, 30-seconds a piece. Top Qualifiers will compete head to head with Two 45-second runs. The top 6 will advance to the finals. Two Skate, Two BMX, and Two Scoot riders will then battle to be King. Each rider will have 2 1-Minute Runs to show everyone what they have.
Cash Prizes, Skate, Bike and Scoot Prizes as well as various prize packs.
Our food vendor the Twin Pines will have a table set up at the for lunch and daily food specials.
Special thanks to Mike Tornatore and Motorhead Auto Sales for being our Major Sponsor!


Calling The Shots featuring Mike Retrosi & Nick Leinberger

Scooter Kids!! Filmed by Brayde Humennyj

Town of Lenox Skatepark End of Summer Jam

2012 First Annual Town of Lenox King of 315 BMX